Photography by Malia James

is the Get Folked video uploaded yet? I tried to find it on youtube but I did not succeed :)

yes! i just posted it here ;)

Jake Bugg Get Folked: The Great Folk Revival (S01E01)

i bought it today! 6 bucks but it was worth it!
why is so cheap there :( here is like twice more expensive

i went to the bookstore this afternoon just to kiss and smelling every pages of GQ Magazine with Jake Bugg in it.

I love your blog! :)

thankyou love <3

uploading Jake’s video from Get Folked: The Great Folk Revival to youtube! you can thank me later

3k followers! thankyou guys ♥♥♥

Jake realizing the crowd cheering him on during Broken (x)

"Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!" (x)

Reading Festival - Day 2 [HQ]

Reading Festival - Day 2 [HQ]


happy birthday Jack Atherton!!