Jake Bugg at Heliópolis slum in São Paulo, Brazil, by Amauri Nehn


"My success wasn’t welcomed by everyone. I got insulting Twitter messages from teenage fans of Leona Lewis who were angry that my album had denied her the top spot. Anyway, Leona’s album was number three so she still wouldn’t have topped the chart."


Full BBC Radio 1 interview with Nick Grimshaw

Photography by Malia James

is the Get Folked video uploaded yet? I tried to find it on youtube but I did not succeed :)

yes! i just posted it here ;)

Jake Bugg Get Folked: The Great Folk Revival (S01E01)

i bought it today! 6 bucks but it was worth it!
why is so cheap there :( here is like twice more expensive

i went to the bookstore this afternoon just to kiss and smelling every pages of GQ Magazine with Jake Bugg in it.

I love your blog! :)

thankyou love <3

uploading Jake’s video from Get Folked: The Great Folk Revival to youtube! you can thank me later

3k followers! thankyou guys ♥♥♥